15 July, 2024

Regional Centre

RD's Message

Good Morning to every one! It’s a pleasure for me to communicate with you through this website.

IGNOU has established this Regional Centre, according to the aspirations of the learners from this region. It provides better access to the IGNOU information and the services to all the learners under this region. This RC has 14 Districts under its jurisdiction and the longest distance from the farthest district is 300 Km (where as earlier it was 1000 Km from Pune RC). So, in terms of distance, it is more nearer.

Nagpur, hailed as “the Centre Point of India” radiates the Indianness in all directions and is well ikoned for Oranges and as Second Greenest City in India.

As it is said, “Learning ladder has no last step”, which symbolizes that a desiring individual’s zeal drives him/ her to learn new things, update the knowledge/skills they have already acquired. In this direction, IGNOU provides an opportunity for such individuals, by offering Programmes in multiple fields. The main advantage with IGNOU is that they need not disturb their main line daily activities. They can study at their own pace, place and convenience.

In accordance with IGNOU’s motto of “Reaching the unreached”, we are making focussed efforts. Also special emphasis was given for Gadchirolli and Jail Centres. Regarding Jail Centres, following initiatives were taken:

·         Special Study Centres were established at Nagpur and Amravati Central Jails. Student prisoners are studying BPP, BA, MA (sociology).We are conducting an Innovative "Phone in Radio Counselling for our student prisoners through GyanVani, Nagpur FM Radio Station.

This Regional Centre also translated BPP into Marathi medium and distributed material amongst enrolled learners (including student prisoners).We do undertake special promotional activities in the name "Gyan Ganga" for creating awareness about Distance Education in general and IGNOU in particular among masses. The targetted sections are unreached sections of the Society like Prisoners, Tribals, (especially women), Commercial Sex Workers, Transgenders, Slums etc., We are getng good responses from these sections besides the urban people.
I wish that you can avail this opportunity and pursue your own desired courses, through IGNOU.

With best wishes,
Dr. Laxman Kumarwad